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Here's what some of my clients have said about working with me.

"Working with Natalie is such a joy!"

“Working with Natalie is a joy. I love her approach and her quiet reassuring voice. During our sessions, I was able to relax and have time for myself and focus on the here and now. Afterward, I felt renewed and much more positive about the day ahead. I felt more focused on the moment and became aware of points of tension and could work on relaxing those areas.”

s gibbs


"I received huge benefits in a short time & so painlessly!"

I first saw Natalie because I was suffering from debilitating headaches which were causing me significant stress. During my first session, Natalie gave me a CranioSacral Therapy treatment after a thorough assessment. Afterward, I felt much more relaxed, less anxious, and able to get on and enjoy a busy life again. I am delighted and grateful. I really find it quite amazing that I received huge benefits in such a short time and so painlessly.

L Free


"I wish I'd known about Craniosacral Therapy sooner!"

"I came to Natalie having suffered for many years with chronic illness as well as constant back, neck, and general pain. Working with Natalie I soon realised I had less pain, more energy, and had not been ill as frequently, and when I did get a cold or a flare-up of pain I was better able to cope and recovered faster. I wish I’d known about Natalie and CranioSacral Therapy sooner."

c. carter


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